Overindulged at Indulgence Edmonton

So… I am a bad blogger. I have neglected my little piece of the Internet for a long(ish) time – thank goodness, the WWAP blog is not a living creature (this is also why I have a black thumb and no pets)! I am very sorry for the lack of posts but yet I cannot guarantee it won’t happen again? Anyways, I hope we can move past this and continue to have a wonderful relationship (let’s not break up!).

Let’s move on to the really good stuff – today’s recap of Indulgence Edmonton, which took place on June 11 at the Delta South. If an event is named Indulgence, I think it’s a pretty good indication that it will be of epic proportions. Indulgence Edmonton is an event put together by a committee of volunteers from the food/wine community with proceeds going to the Junior League of Edmonton‘s food related programs. The chefs incorporated local products into their dishes and there was wine (and lots of it) to be paired with each dish [note: I had to stop drinking about 4 dishes in because I can only drink so much before I embarrass myself].

I have to say that everyone involved with Indulgence (chefs, volunteers, staff etc.) deserves a huge round of applause for putting together a fantastic event.  They sold out of tickets and the room was packed full of people (made me regret wearing a cardigan – it was HOT in there!) enjoying themselves. I had an amazing time chatting and eating with my fellow foodie peeps, so in my opinion, a great success.

I thought of doing a super photo heavy post with a picture of each individual dish but my photos are not very good so a collage of everything there might hide the fact that I was stepping into my own light every time! I also blame the lighting in the room for this but I suppose if I knew how to take better photos, I could have solved that problem on my own (don’t judge me and my camera phone?).

I am also not going to review each of the dishes because there was so much food there that towards the end, I was literally sharing dishes and eating a single bite of food – I don’t think it’s fair to judge a dish off a single bite especially when you’re sampling a bajillion other flavors at the same time.. Although I will say they were delicious delicious bites!

Indulgence Collage 1

Indulgence dishes: Dish descriptions start from the bottom left and heading clockwise

1. Hundred Bar + Kitchen: Nature’s Green Acres pork trotter and jowl terrine with watercress, radish, cucumber, honey and white balsamic vinegar.

2. Prairie Mill’s mini PB&J sandwiches, Natural peanut butter, the Jam Lady’s jelly lovingly squished between nine-grain bread.

3. Share (Westin Hotel): Doef’s Greenhouses’ cucumber and daikon raita salad with black curry Queen Charlotte halibut and spicy tomato chutney.

4. NAIT School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts: Hog Wild wild boar cheek and drunken currant compression, prairie fruit cake and herb salad.

5. vivo ristorante: Four Whistle Farm smoked lamb leg braised with Gull Valley tomatoes and served on fig and olive bread with red onion jam and wild watercress. (One of my favorite dishes of the night)

6. Bles Wold Dairy: Greek Style Yogurt, Mango Yogurt Drink, Raspberry Yogurt Drink.

7. 4th and Vine Wine Bar and Bistro: Savoury Mo-Na’s mushroom bread pudding with red and white currant reduction, pickled maitake, beech brown mushrooms and roasted garlic tops. (One of my favorite dishes of the night)

Indulgence Collage 2

Indulgence dishes: Dish descriptions start from the bottom left and heading clockwise (ends with the sesame cone – yum!)

8. L2 Grill (Fantasyland Hotel): Alberta barley and Kobe beef burritos with spicy chipotle and Wild Rose Brown Ale dressing.

9. Culina Muttart: Braised milk-fed Sangudo pork with house-made apple kimchi, bacon chips and arugula.

10. Tzin Wine & Tapas Ltd: Berry Ridge Saskatoon Berry and shallot relish with braised angus beef brisket, parsnip puree, pan jus.

11. Red Ox Inn: Jumbo tortellini of Belle Valley Farm alpaca with mushroom vinaigrette and ramp fondue.

12. Urban Diner: Sylvan Star Grizzly Gouda grilled cheese served with aged Gouda sourdough with aromatic tomato soup and Italian-style herbed mac and cheese croutons.

13. Lux steakhouse+bar: Popcorn and duck arancini: Cheesiry percorino, confit duck, blackberry, green pea and radish.

14. 4404 Restaurant (Delta Edmonton South): Sundog Farms oriental arugla salad, pickled organic radish, five spiced bistro shrimp served in a sesame cone. (No shrimp for me – because of the “if I eat it, I might die” reason)

Indulgence Collage 3

Indulgence dishes: Dish descriptions start from the bottom left and heading clockwise (photo of the ice cream was snagged from Carmen’s (@FoodKarmaBlog) twitter account)

14. Cafe de Ville: Steve & Dan’s Conference pear and pancetta hazelnut tartlette with The Cheesery percorino crisp and apple gelee.

15. Jack’s Grill: Spring Creek beef carpaccio with red miso vinaigrette, coffee crumb and pea shoot salad.

16. Photo of the awesome chocolate sculpture from the Shaw Conference Centre. So pretty.

17. Newget Kompany: Sweet petals – white choclate, pistachios, toasted almonds, dried organic edible flowers and honey; Chocolate Krackle – milk chocolate, toasted almonds; Buttery Bites Caramels – from Star Bright Farms in Alberta.

18. Shaw Conference Centre: Coal Lake Honey beehive: honey, lemon, black currant and almond.

19. Moriarty’s Bistro & Wine Bar: Slow braised Tangle Ridge Ranch lamb ravioli with brussels sprout kimchi and ginger sabayon.

That sums up MY pictures but I realized I missed photos of a few dishes – I ate before I took photos so I’m borrowing the following from the lovely Miss Andrea who got much better photos than I did anyways so check out her recap for prettier pictures!

Madison’s Grill (Union Bank Inn): Unorthodox rabbit stew: braised legs, roasted fennel, pomme puree, rabbit gravy, creamy carrot puree

The Marc Restaurant: Terrine of Irvings Farm Fresh pork shoulder with pistachio, apple, and fennel. Served with pickled pearl onions, shaved fennel, cornichons and Pinnacles Ice-Cider Gelee

And here’s one last photo of my favorite dish of the night: Shaw Conference Centre’s Coal Lake Honey beehive: honey, lemon, black currant and almond. I seriously wish I had room to eat more than one of these.

This was soooooo delicious!

So What Would Argenplath Pay?

When all is said and done, I paid $62 for my ticket to Indulgence and for the amount of food and wine available, I think it was certainly worth the price of admission – maybe even more so for people who can really hold their liquor. Plus with the proceeds going to a good cause, I really don’t feel like it was an expensive event at all – if you had the stomach power to eat every single dish AND have the wine pairing that goes with them (is there anyone out there who possibly could?!), then it worked out to $3 for each pair and that is a great deal! Even $3/plate (no wine) doesn’t seem like a bad deal. While my night was filled with fun conversation and good food (maybe a few misses but you can’t win them all), I am not sure that I would attend next year – I have nothing against the event but there were a lot of people in the room and not much space to eat, snap a photo, tweet etc. and I do have mad love for my personal space [it probably didn’t help that I wasn’t feeling 100% so towards the end – I was ready to hit the door].

Another awesome bonus from Indulgence was that I won a giveaway of cookbooks from The Tomato Food and Drink. These books weigh a ton and are packed full of information! I did pass the ‘Grapes and Wine’ book to JP because while I like to drink wine, I’m not that interested in the grapes etc.


Cookbook prize!

7 thoughts on “Overindulged at Indulgence Edmonton

  1. The thing that bothered me most about the event that makes me not want to attend next year was just how crowded it was so that it was difficult to enjoy the food and anyone elses company. That and most of the food wasn’t as insanely impressive as others hyped it up to be in previous years. Or maybe my expectations were too high. *sigh*


    • The crowd was definitely insane – which I expected but still not my style. I wish I could say more about the food but towards the end, flavors were starting to blend together in my mind and I only clearly remember earlier dishes (I ate the whole thing) and the misses.


  2. Thanks for being one of my Indulgence food sharing buddies!

    Great recap. Wholeheartedly agree with you. At the end of the day, some hits for me (ex. Mona mushroom bread pudding, black curry halibut, pear and pancetta tart, black currant honey ice cream bar) and some misses that didn’t suit my tastes (ex. the sesame shrimp cone, 100 Bar’s fatty trotter terrine… and why were there were SO many terrines?!).

    But for the scope of event, the organizers, restaurants, producers did a good job. For sampling approx 20 dishes and wines/beer, definitely worth the $62 for me, even though I only tasted about 5-6 wines. And agreed, “an amazing time chatting and eating with my fellow foodie peeps”.. #sharingiscaring


    • I do feel like at the end of the night the #sharingiscaring plan worked pretty well for us although I might revise it so we start off the night like that so the bites per dish become equal!

      I agree with most of your hits too… I loved the halibut and mushroom bread pudding! Most of the terrines were a miss for me too (I don’t know why there were so many either) – I haven’t figured out if it is because I personally don’t like terrines or if it is in the execution (probably a personal thing though). I didn’t mind the sesame cone though – it was nice to get something a little more salad-y.


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